Pool Association of Uganda (PAU) is a sports body mandated by the National Council of Sports to regulate and promote the sport of pool in Uganda. PAU affiliates to the All Africa Pool Association (AAPA) under the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) but also maintains close ties with several other similar sporting bodies in the world.

PAU has a fully functional office with an administrative structure, subscribed membership, periodic meetings and assemblies. Overall management is vested in the Executive Committee with specialized functions delegated to Working Committees that have a non-executive majority. The PAU mandate and roadmap are detailed in its Constitution and Handbook, the official instruments of reference.

The PAU mandate includes organizing players into competing teams, training players and umpires, interpreting game rules, and participating in local and international competitions. Like all national sports associations, PAU is committed to full compliance with government policy and is currently implementing its master plan by putting emphasis on the following:

  • Ensuring national spread through participation of all regions;
  • Ensuring a committed and accountable leadership;
  • Ensuring the holistic development of players, and brand building in individual players;
  • Constantly improving on the image of the sport of pool, and making it marketable;
  • Encouraging profile building among players, and exposing them to available opportunities;
  • Ensuring game standards through improved game venues and equipment;
  • Encouraging skills advancement through player ranking, which stimulates competition;
  • Diversifying from Blackball to include other codes of pool and disciplines of billiard sports;
  • Encouraging the specific participation of ladies at individual and team levels;
  • Encouraging the participation of the youth through schools, institutions, and academies;
  • Ensuring constitutionalism; and
  • Building and maintaining a professional dependable National Pool Team.

As part of its Strategic Plan, PAU will establish several sports-related income generating programs to sustain its existence and fund its road map. This necessitates the broadening of existing structures to accommodate non-traditional roles, and PAU has reincorporated under the Trusteeship Act as a measure in that direction. The 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan seeks to address the following priority areas:

  • Structural Overhaul – Bringing all regional bodies and Cuesport disciplines together to form a Federation
  • Infrastructure Development – Focusing on the establishment of games facilities managed by the Federation
  • Human Resource Development – Focusing on training of Referees, Coaches, and Sports Managers
  • Marketing & Publicity – Branding and Strategic Positioning thereby encouraging endorsements
  • Sustainability – Income Generation and Accountable Management